Japan Airport Fueling Service Co., Ltd.(JAFS)

About JAFS

We are fully committed to the quality of our fueling service for the benefit of air transport worldwide.
Japan Airport Fueling Service (JAFS) is involved in the fueling of aircraft at Narita International Airport as its main business and is highly evaluated by every airline company around the world in addition to airline companies, which are ordering parties, and oil wholesalers, for our reliable, high-quality services since the airport was opened.

About our work


The fuel transported by oil tankers is unloaded and undergoes Quality control at a pier in Chiba Port and then flows through pipelines of
47 km to Narita Airport. This fuel is supplied to aircraft by fueling vehicles. In addition, we carry out maintenance of fueling vehicles in our own workshop.


Quality control

We conduct strict examinations based on the guidelines of the Petroleum Association of Japan and also on the standards established by Narita International Airport Corporation and Narita International Airport Fuel Convention.

Fueling service

We provide safe and efficient into-plane fueling services for airlines at the right time with their flight schedules.

Vehicle maintenance

We perform periodic inspection and maintenance of fueling vehicles to ensure their safety, as they are indispensable for providing fueling services.

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Principal business partners


We provide fueling for aircraft of over 96 airline companies around the world,
and are highly evaluated by customers for our safe and prompt fueling operations.